Wheel Wolf (Werewolf Horror)


Amazon bestselling horror Wheel Wolf (werewolf horror) in Kindle and Paperback.

Unconditional Love that Lives Beyond the Grave

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Beneath a full, blood moon, on the way home from his girlfriend’s house, Jack Bailey encounters something terrifying at Phantom Lake. Fleeing the unknown, he dumps his bike and is found unconscious, his body tangled with a naked girl. Jack struggles to regain memory and the use of his legs, while fighting a sudden urge for raw meat and to bay at the moon. Wheel Wolf is a story of unconditional love that lives beyond the grave, and a relentless fight for retribution. An Amazon bestseller in Werewolves/Shifters/Horror/Suspense.  Wheel Wolf bestselling #horror #suspense #werewolves #ghost #paranormal #romance  #angel 

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Wheel Wolf (bestselling werewolf horror)