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This is me, before I could write.








This is me the day I thought the photographer was going to shoot me, so my mother had to take my picture in front of our Bronx bungalow where I lived till I was twelve. I never lost my accent, or the tude, even after I moved to upstate New York. (I can’t find that pic but this one’s similar)









I realized I liked writing in High School, where I won a lot of chocolate bars for the short stories I concocted. I liked the candy, but I fell in love with writing.







I ask so many questions, I drive people insane, especially my family. I now know I should have been a journalist. I also talk too much (control freak) which probably carries over into my writing. I think I’m guilty of intrusive narrative. I also think editors and publishers put too many restrictions on writers these days with all of their rules. After returning to writing after being away for too many years, I find that I can’t write! Well not in a way that will ever land me an agent or publisher, unless I kick the old habits. I do feel that I’m limiting my creativity by adhering to the rules. I know, be clever and creative and find other ways to express myself, rather than blabbering on in narrative and cramming too many thoughts, and TMI, into a reader’s head. I guess that’s why I like poetry too. You can say anything in any way inside a poem. I love poetry. I self published Desert Noon, romantic poems, last year. I self published, At the Stroke of Midnight, 24 tales of terror, in 2000 along with Steve Manchester, a New England author of more books than I can count. One was Jacob Evans. An Awesome novel. I also self published an eighty page full color storybook about the innocent attraction between a little duck and an adorable monkey. It’s a heartwarming adventure and would be fun for adults to read to their kids. I wrote the sequel a year later, but it’s still in my pile of things to do for myself.

Publishing anthologies and poetry digests took over ten years of my life. I loved it and I’m not sorry for the lost time and money. My books are in many fine libraries, including the New York Public Library and college libraries. Skyline Literary Magazines were distributed nationwide in all kinds of stores, including Grand Central Station! wooo hooo. But lack of sales (yup) and no advertising caught up with me. It was a lot to handle alone too, so I stopped all publishing (other than single author books) last year and decided to pursue my writing again.

After my second child, (I have 3 and 2 grandsons) I attended Dutchess Community College where my focus was creative writing and music theory. I love literature and music. I always wanted to sing in a rock band, but unfortunately, I don’t have the voice for it, so the closest I could come was to have a local band (a very good one) compose music for my lyrics, and we cut a CD called, Eyes of Ash. That was probably the best time I ever had. Hearing my words put to music was incredible. I think the CD is still online CDBABY.com. I used to follow local bands around, attend their shows, take my own photos and then interview them and publish them in Skyline Magazine. It was a great and memorable time.

This is me in my “I want to be glamorous” stage in 2004. Now I just want to be published.







About my current projects: About thirty years ago, I had an agent interested in the prologue of Love Dreams, which was only eight chapters at the time. I was pushing my “real” novel, The Last Resort, a gory horror. But she wasn’t interested in that one. She would have worked with Love Dreams if I would have expanded on the abuse angle, which because of stubbornness, I didn’t. Where are you now Diane Raintree? I doubt she’d remember me.


I finally finished Love Dreams during this past year, changing the prologue three times, from a terribly abusive opening with the death of a child, (a romance shouldn’t have kids dying in it – just the hero or heroine. Kidding 🙂 ) So I removed the child but kept the spousal abuse and it didn’t fly. So I then decided to make it an erotic romance. Well, I quickly realized I don’t have the stomach for writing about all the actual body parts and functions graphically, so I scaled it back a heck of a lot. Still, I left one exceptionally spicy chapter as the opening dream. Guess what? You’ve got it. It didn’t fly that way either. ARGH! Okay. Revamped it yet again – all 100,510 words and cut out some sex, cut the scene up and scattered it around the first three chapters. That didn’t work either. So I cut the chapters out completely and started again, this time, well, enough of that. As I write this, I’m still working on Love Dreams.


To make a long story short, I’m still looking for an agent. I could self publish Love Dreams very easily, and I actually prefer self publishing because I can then control everything (control freak again.) I love designing books, especially the covers. But marketing and promotion is not my thing, And how do you sell books without readers finding them? You don’t. Which is why I’m looking for a traditional publisher.


Vic Fortezza, author of several excellent books, is helping me edit the bad habits out of Love Dreams, bless his soul. I know I’m guilty of the overuse of adjectives. Back to poetry again. So hopefully, with his help, we’ll strip out all of the head hopping, intrusive narrative, and anything else I shouldn’t be doing, and I’ll find an agent or publisher who’ll love my book, because the plot itself is good, I’ve been told, and the characters are multidimensional and my prose, well as you can guess, my imagery is awesome, again, so I’ve been told.


I plan on a series of four Dream books. Love Dreams, romance. Sweet Dreams, thriller. (it’s written but needs editing.) Bad Dreams, horror (my true genre). Shattered Dreams, dramatic irony (expanding “Isn’t Life Ironic” short story.) I hope I’m around long enough to accomplish all of these things and I really hope I find a publisher.


There are several other people I’d like to thank for reading Love Dreams and giving me encouraging and constructive feedback, and they’ll be listed in my Acknowledgments. Either way, I hope to have Love Dreams in print by next summer, with or without a traditional publisher.

This is me now 🙂 And more pics are on this link:  Now that you know all about me, why not introduce yourself to Away With Words and share your literary journey.  You can post or PM me on Facebook or email me at: waterforestpress@aol.com



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  1. I was so happy to see an email from you waiting in my inbox. Congratulations on finishing your novel. I can’t wait to read it. I’m still working on mine (in my head more than on paper), but I hope to be in your position someday. I’ll miss your journals for the cover artwork as well as the writing between the covers. Have a happy holiday, Victoria.

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