About Love Dreams

She’s a beautiful wreck who hates men, but loves animals.  Beaten and left for dead, she suffers from night terrors. When she keeps running into a gorgeous guy things heat up, but memories of abuse dampen the fire.

He’s handsome. He’s wealthy. He’s in a wheelchair. His entire life has changed, and the past months have been hell. But there’s a bright spot in Michael’s life: Sienna, an adorable klutz who seems to always be falling, so why can’t she fall for him?  He offers her a ride, not his lap, but that’s where she ends up when he comes to her aid after she’s had too much to drink. This is the beginning of the hit and miss love affair: He blows it the first time. She blows it the second.

Roadblocks: Whether it’s a doctor who won’t take no for an answer, a family emergency,  or a big mouth girlfriend who thinks she knows what’s best for Sienna, there always seems to be something to stand in their way. The road is bumpy, filled with dreams and desires, awkward run-ins, and deliciously steamy encounters. Is there anything, short of a miracle, that could bring these two struggling souls together?

If you’re in the mood for a lighthearted contemporary romance for adults, you may be interested in Love Dreams, Romance and Drama. Like life, this story has its humorous moments. Seriously Graphic Sexual Content. Mature Audience Only.

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