Love Dreams

Love Dreams

Love Dreams Steamy Romance

You suddenly find yourself alone in a strange city, and someone wants you dead.

To escape a stalker, SIENNA ALEXANDER flees Canada, moving to New York where her nightmare begins. Left for dead by ex-boyfriend ROB LUCAS, after recovering from physical injuries Sienna moves to suburban Connecticut, hoping a calm atmosphere will hasten her emotional healing. But then she meets MICHAEL CHESSLER. . .

Their meeting is a mutually earth-shattering experience, and surprisingly enticing to twenty-six year old Sienna, who swears she wants nothing to do with another man. Things are even more complicated for Michael, who is struggling to recover from injuries he sustained in a car crash that occurred on the same night Sienna was almost beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend. Despite their unfortunate circumstances, sparks fly and kindle, but Sienna and Michael seem to be caught on a tempestuous roller coaster driven by negative forces—and desires they’re fighting to control.

Michael Chessler is everything Rob Lucas could never be, especially since Rob is now buried in a rural cemetery in Canada. Sienna’s passion is equally divided between contrasting emotions triggered by the actions of both men. She’s torn by unforgettable past and uncertain future, unable to move forward with her life.

To confuse things even more, DOCTOR GREGORY TRAINER,  brilliant but arrogant cosmetic surgeon on staff at the hospital where Sienna works, threatens any potential relationship for Sienna, unless it’s with him. From the moment he sets eyes on Sienna, Trainer is entranced by the physical similarities between her and his deceased wife, and is willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure Sienna fills Lenore’s shoes, and his bedroom. He whisks her off to London where she recovers her lost sensuality, and faces the truth.

During graphic dreams that grow in intensity, Michael and Sienna evolve emotionally, admitting they’re ready to fall in love, and lust. However, a blistering triangle is exposed when Michael realizes, from Trainer’s actions at the July fourth carnival, he also has designs on Sienna.

But wait! There’s more. . .   Inside this 100,000 word novel.

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