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A Dozen Red Roses


Rain pounded streets and rooftops,

catch basin remnants overflowing,

colliding with early autumn colors

streaming as gutter currents churned.


The whistle of a teakettle battled

sobs erupting from the tidy parlor.

In her misery she missed the tap at the door.

The yellow notice the man wedged into a crevice

had blown clear across the ally

before it found its way into her hand.


She would never read his telegram and with

the phone lines down, she’d not hear

the comfort of his soothing voice, if

he were to call.


Suddenly, sleet bounced merrily from the wide white ledge

beyond a Victorian window garnished with lace.

His flight would never land in this weather!

Not that it mattered if an International airliner

were to brave this storm.  He’d not be coming as planned.


Never!  After that quarrel?

It was over.  Of this she was certain.

Oh why did I say those hurtful things…

and not the truth inside my heart?

If time would reverse, she’d tell him!

He was her world, her life, the meaning of joy.

Darkness’ light bringing peace from pain.


Covering her ears to the kettle’s screech!

Attempting to ban his face that trapped her mind,

she padded to the kitchen.

Oh haunted was she by those serious brown eyes,

tempting soft lips….


Bubbling water saturated a basket of raspberry tea

she would now set out to brew, along with memories.

On summer holiday, she’d ice it in tall frosted glasses;

They would sip and kiss with cool lips

warming faster than ice could melt

and weaken the tea…and she.


A knock at the door!  Or was it the wind?

Gathering her robe tightly about her

slender waist she hurried, praying for news.

There he stood drenched from head to toe,

holding a dozen red roses, petals clustered with

droplets falling faster than tears

streaming down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” they whispered as one then laughed,

two pensive faces drawn into grins of delight.

In moments she was in his arms, lifted from

the porch, high into the air.  His skin smooth

as the scent of his cologne, lost in his eyes, she sighed.


A dozen red roses cascaded to the ground,

Settling gently upon a puddle of rain from where

her slippered feet… and she had just been swept away.

 Happy Valentine’s Day !



21 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

  1. Penned from a poets special point of view this exquisitely romantic poem celebrates the joy of a passionate love.It’s whispers from the heart are thoughtful, tender and vunlerable.

  2. The poignancy and timelessness of this eloquent piece is unmistakable – how many moments have we all said things in a fit of pique, only to regret them sooner or later, if not immediately? To understand human nature and the very essence of true love is to offer forgiveness – both to ourselves and others – so that we may pass beyond the point of pain and enter the many thresholds of joyfulness. This is lovely writing, filled with sorrow and profound remorse and, like the best of poems should, ends with a note of hopefulness, of rising from the ashes once more to test our wings on the soothing thermals of love. Laughter between two people is such a rare and fine gift; to cause someone to laugh is a victory, a shared intimacy, a weaving of hearts. When we forgive, we are healed. When we don’t, all of our memories become tainted by grief, by misunderstanding. What a wonderful poem for Valentine’s Day. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all.

  3. Dear Victoria,
    English isn’t my first language and poetry isn’t easy for me to follow. However your poem had something that drawn my attention. The rhythm? The mix of everyday objects and turmoil of emotion? The waiting, the longing? I don’t know. Something. I liked it. It’s good you didn’t strive for rhyme, I prefer blank verse poetry.

  4. Beautiful poem. It is so easy to picture the story based on the poem. I would love to know why they had fought, and where he had been.
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  5. What a beautiful poem. It makes me wish for a love such as that. This is probably the only time of year that is so unkind to those without a significant other.

    seriousreader at live dot com

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