Back to Baltimore

After almost two weeks in lahlahland, I’m finally back to Baltimore and into the heads of the characters inside Sweet Dreams. I’m really still in New york 🙂 but I just came out of a very unusual dry spell. I rarely have them, but I think my brain was overloaded because the first 120 pages of Sweet Dreams converged upon me in about 10 days. I was brain dead and exhausted. So I guess I needed the break. While I didn’t write anything new, I went over the first chapters, editing and straightening. I really colored in the scenery. I love how the story is developing and moving along. Each time I write, I feel this burst of adrenaline and joy. I’d be lost without writing.

Maybe it was a combination of exhaustion, and lingering pain from the 2009 accident that stopped my writing, or the fact that I was getting spooked with all the autopsy videos and serial killer info I was cramming into my head.

In any event, I’m back and loving it. The only problem is, now my head is once again crammed with all of these things hitting me faster than I can write. I bring my Sony digital recorder to bed with me, because that’s when a scene usually percolates, and I wake up to about 99 messages that I have to incorporate into the story.

I love Leo Gibraldi. He sprang from an average, athletic, high school delivery boy, and Michael’s Love Dreams confidant, into one helluva strong and sexy Sweet Dreams protagonist. When I wrote him into Love Dreams, I had no idea this would happen, but I guess I unintentionally created him with a personality like steel, and poker-face emotions – where nothing seemed to phase him. He was drifter-like, lanky, kind of gawky. But wow – how he’s grown . . . If he were for real, I’d be hitting on him myself. LOL Love Dreams was multi-orgasmic for Michael and Sienna. Sweet Dreams is a picnic of yummy one-night-stands for droll but spicy, Leo.

It’s Monday. The weather’s beautiful. My windows are open and I’m listening to chimes in the wind. What’s greater than that? Thursday (per weather bug), maybe, when I fall asleep to the sound of rain. Rain, wind and chimes; my heaven.

12:26 Tuesday morning. I put in a full night of writing! Rolling again 🙂

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