Sunday, October 16, 2011

I’ve been crawling through Sweet Dreams murder scenes, totally procrastinating. So finally on Saturday, I got through the Virginia scene – part of it anyway. The killer is changing his MO and is going to drive this town nuts before he heads to Baltimore.

I’m at about 150 pages, which I’ve already final edited while procrastinating, so I should be finished by the beginning of 2012 for sure.

As I research, I’m learning about DNA, CSI, serial killers of course, and I think I’m finally becoming desensitized because I’m not haunted at night anymore when I go to bed.

Although the murders are interrupted at crucial points by other states and characters, I’m writing them all on a single document now so I don’t lose momentum. The killer’s background has already been written, so I guess I should tie up all the murders which should help me when writing investigations.

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