Sharing Rejections

After submitting Love Dreams to at least a dozen (maybe more) agencies, nada, zip, nothing good to report. But I do have some interesting results to report.

I’m sharing a rejection I received after almost three months of waiting:

A reply from: Crichton and Associates

Dear Ms. Valentine:

Thank you for submitting your query for our consideration.  I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.  Young adult fantasy is not one of our strong areas and for this reason I have decided to pass on Love Dreams.

I wish you success in finding a suitable home for Love Dreams.  Again, thank you for considering us.

Best regards,

Go figure!  Love Dreams is neither “young adult” or “fantasy” !!!  Hey people, if you read Love Dreams you’d know it’s a contemporary steamy romance for an adult audience who likes TORRID REAL LIFE SEX. If you’re going to reject me, please – at least read my work before replying. Or tell me to get lost because you’re too busy. But don’t give me this kind of brush off when you more than likely didn’t even unfold my letter.


Fine Print Literary Agency

I mailed their required Query letter and a not easy to compose ONE page synopsis of Love Dreams and put it into Saturday’s mail, “after” the post office was closed. The letter went into the after hours drop box. Not even three days later I received a written, mind you, rejection in the mail. Okay folks at Fine Print, how in the heck did you receive, sort, read, reply and get my letter back to me within SIXTY HOURS. And those are “work day” hours. Boy, you guys must work non stop through the night, huh? Thanks for stuffing my SASE with your form letter.

I did receive a very nice reply. Although it was yet another rejection, at least this agent gave me some feedback which I used and I believe strengthened my manuscript.

Thank you Sourcebooks, Inc. in NYC for pointing out my weak points. I appreciate the critique. I’ve also received some helpful critiquing from my group at The Rose Trellis. Thank you guys 🙂  I’ve taken your advice and Love Dreams is a lot tighter. Now if I could just get an agent to REALLY READ THE DAMNED MANUSCRIPT!

I’ll be updating this page as the rejections roll in. Stay tuned.

Thanks for Reading 🙂

Happy Holidays!

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