An Abstract Waltz poetry by jacob erin-cilberto


In my opinion, “An Abstract Waltz” by jacob erin-cilberto is a must read for anyone who appreciates the art of poetry. I was taken on a journey throughout every page of this book. I found beauty, experience, but most of all, heart when exploring these pages. This book, for me, is comfort food for the soul…

Lynda G. Anaya


Powerful Poetry

If you are one of those readers who finds poetry inaccessible and intimidating, fear no more. Jacob Erin-Cilberto coaxes the reader to “waltz” into his world with vivid images which touch upon shared experiences, common emotions, social history and triumphs and sorrows which bind us together as human beings. He conveys meaning to his reader through unconventional structure which gives his poems an edgy and provocative quality which might deter the purists. He takes risks in his writing, pushing the bar, testing limits and catching the reader off guard. But the real beauty of his work is that these pieces are at once complex yet simple, and introspective yet universal. This is a volume not to be missed, to be enjoyed and read many times over, with each reading revealing yet another layer of this poet’s incredible talent.

J. Lapin Zell



An Abstract Waltz is another wonderful book by my favorite poet! His poems are always insightful and heartfelt.

Antonyms Alike and The Fries Are Still Frozen are just outstanding. I’ve been following this poet for many years and he only gets better with each book.

If you enjoy deeply heartfelt poetry with delightful, original twists, you’ll love jacob erin-cilberto! Give An Abstract Waltz a try!

Bobbi Smith, author of more than 56 books and novellas

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