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When Russell Krauss asked me to review this collection of his short stories, I leapt at the chance. I wasn’t excited about writing the review–way too much like work. I was excited about reading more of Russ’s stories. I’ve published three of his tales at the website I edit (…) and would have published more if my own rules allowed it. His yarns entangle me as few others do. Packed with interesting characters, intriguing situations, and crisp dialogue, some startle with unexpected twists, while others satisfy with Kiplingesque conclusions. When you open Red Breakers make sure you have plenty of time to spare. You won’t want to close it until you’re done.

Gary A. Markette
Senior editor, anotherealm
PS. Why are you still reading this? You could be reading the stories.


Give this book to a Movie Producer, please !

If you like Sci-fi this a WONDERFUL book written by an author whose previous work I am familiar with. I may be a little biased, but I highly recommend it. Great stories that intertwine horror, fantasy and Science Fiction. If you liked Twilight Zone when you were younger, you will really like it.

Phyllis Frazer (cupids mom)


Review of Red Breakers by Holly Bianchi, November 2011
Russell H. Krauss’s stories of the macabre are spine-chilling and spellbinding. I’ve always been a fan of “ghouly” horror and mind-bending thrillers, which is why I recommend”Red Breakers” as one of the best horror anthologies of 2011.
Mr. Krauss is a versatile and talented fiction writer. One of the stories, “Flies”, is about a town filled with horrible insects that devour people. It’s reminiscent of “Twilight Zone” or Alfred Hitchcock’s, “The Birds.” “Churchy” is a story about an endlessly unlucky actor who looks somewhat like “The Elephant Man”, and is transformed into something unexpected.  All of Russell Krauss’s stories have a stunning and surprise ending.The most gruesome story is”Spike” about two elderly ladies living together who are visited by a young woman whose car needs repair.  The woman is confronted by these ladies and the grotesque elderly “Spike the serviceman”, who is supposed to repair her car in the morning.  An entire night of surreal sexual happenings make for a nail-biting tale.

Of course, my favorite story is “Halloween House” which reminds me not only of the Hitchcock movie “Psycho,” but of the film “House on Haunted Hill.”  Both films involve being in a scary place; “Psycho” with Bates Motel and “House on Haunted Hill,” a mansion where each guest receives $10,000.00 if they survive the night.  Mr. Krauss kept me on my toes during the entire read.Russell Krauss keeps us guessing, saving the best for last; the best being the twisted conclusions of each skillfully crafted story.  As you read “Red Breakers”, your eyes won’t stop moving and you heart will just keep missing beats.  If you enjoy the macabre, you won’t be able to put this book down. This is a marvelous collection of bedtime stories for the “strong of heart.”

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Holly Bianchi is a writer, poet and reviewer for Water Forest Press books.  She is also a contributor to the Atlantic Highlands Herald newspaper.  She has published several books including “Images of America: Sea Bright” (2008) and “Images of America: Leonardo” (2002) both by Arcadia Publishing.
Miss Bianchi published “Collage: A Collection of Poems” (1999) and “Poems for the Holidays” (1998) both by Infinity Publishing.  She has also published 82 poems in newspapers, magazines, journals, for both print and online publications including Skyline Publications.Holly Bianchi is also an artist who has exhibited her artwork at festivals and art exhibits.

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